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A Great Start for the UAE Polo and Habtoor Polo Teams at the Opening Day of Silver Cup 2020


Sallam Sallam

The Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2020 kicked-off with the Silver Cup as it opened with two exciting matches with four strong teams – UAE Polo, AM/UAE Polo, Habtoor Polo and Ghantoot Polo on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

The Silver Cup, an 18-goal handicap tournament, saw Tomas Panelo score the opening goal of the match and the UAE Polo team had control during the chukker given their 1.5 handicap advantage and the consecutive goals from Tommy Beresford. AM/UAE Polo worked to close in on its opponent by the third chukker as Santiago Cernadas delivered 3 goals for the team, closing halftime at 7.5 to 6 goals in favour UAE Polo.

Both teams delivered their best game with a notable score from the young Nour Abu Khadra as he shot his first goal on his debut to the high goal league. Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the patron of UAE Polo team, scored one for the team close to the end of the chukker that allowed them to maintain their lead. The final chukker saw the Panelo brothers take home the win and closed the game at 13.5 goals to 10.

Match Progression: 4.5 – 1 | 5.5 – 3 | 7.5 – 6 | 10.5 – 9 | 13.5 – 10
Top scorer of the match: Jacinto Crotto, AM/UAE Polo

The anticipated second match between Habtoor Polo and Ghantoot Polo teams did not disappoint as the crowd witnessed another nail-biting game. The first goal of the match was from Marcos Araya from Ghantoot Polo however, Habtoor Polo team took the lead by the end of the first chukker and held on to it until the second with a 1 goal advantage. Both teams picked up the pace and were at a tie by halftime. The crowd cheered as both teams tried to score goals which resulted in a tie by the end of the fourth chukker

The teams demonstrated a strong defense during the last game with Gregorio Gellosi taking Ghantoot Polo ahead at 9 goals against 7. Felix Esien’s steady performance and Martin Podesta’s goal had both teams at a tie with thirty seconds left on the clock. With a sixth chukker looming and four seconds left Facundo Sola took the victory home for Habtoor Polo team ending the game at 10 goals to 9.
Match Progression: 2 – 1 | 4 – 3 | 5 – 5 | 7 – 7 | 10 – 9
Top scorer of the match: Felix Esien, Habtoor Polo

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