At a cost of AED 10,169,229 million 3,233 benefit from 16 sections of “Goodness” in the Committee for the Needy Families

UAE  Umm Al Quwain

Sallam Sallam

    The Committee for the Needy Families in Umm Al Quwain, affiliated to Dar Al Ber Society, provided humanitarian, material and in-kind assistance divided between 16 sections of the “ Goodness ”, during the first nine months of this year (2019), benefiting 3,233 beneficiaries among families and individuals, from different ages and social strata, with a total cost of AED 10,169,229 million.

   Ali Al-Assi, chairman of the committee, said that during the period from January to September, charitable projects and aid included educational assistance, which 1,309 students benefited from at a cost of 2,622,650 million dirhams, medical assistance from which 80 patients benefited, valued at 551,500 thousand dirhams. In addition to, aid of a total of AED 3,163,885 million was paid for 611 families, while 38 families benefited from AED 962,568 thousand for home maintenance and 10 families of widows and orphans benefited from this category for AED 35,600 thousand.

    Al-Assi added: “The gates of goodness”, which were opened by the Committee for Needy Families in Dar Al-Bar in the past nine months, included assistance directed to people of determination, benefiting 13 individuals at a cost of 93,000 thousand dirhams. The Humanitarian Charity Committee restored electricity to 70 houses inhabited by low-income families, at a cost of 449,369 thousand, while providing electronic devices for 23 houses, worth 250,358 thousand dirhams, and 39 families were provided with furniture for their houses, 604,770 thousand dirhams, compared to 6 families benefited from food aid, at a cost of 17,929 thousand dirhams, and 135 beneficiaries of food “coupons”, worth 67.500 dirhams, and the Committee allocated 85,500 thousand dirhams for the project to feed food.

   During the holy month of Ramadan and Eid, the aid of the Al-Mir project went to 1,200 families at a cost of AED 1 million. 377 children, orphans, children and others received the Eid Al-Fitr clothing, worth AED 188,600 thousand, and 72 receivables for Eid Al-Adha clothing, at AED 26,000 and (Needy families) were provided with school bags for 250 students, worth AED 50,000.

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