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Dar Al-Ber and 3205 orphans sponsored in Uganda and Tanzania by 50 humanitarian projects

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

A delegation representing Dar Al-Ber Society inspected 50 charitable and humanitarian projects carried out by the Society in the Republics of Uganda and Tanzania, with donations and initiatives of benefactors and philanthropists in the UAE, while the number of orphans sponsored in the two countries reached 3265 orphans in Uganda and 240 orphans in Tanzania.

 The delegation of Dar al-Ber paid a visit to Uganda and Tanzania on a special trip lasted for 14-days working mission, from July 7 to 20.

The delegation was represented by AbdulKarim Ja’afar AlHassan, Director of the Department of Orphans and Families’ sponsorship and Ali Abdullah Al Shehhi, Director of the Society Branch in Ras Al Khaimah.

Ali Al Shehhi explained that the aim of the visit is to follow up the quality of the implementation of the humanitarian projects of the society in the two countries as part of the annual follow-up plan for the project sector and to meet with the officials of Dar Al-Ber’s partners around the world to exchange views and discuss how to improve charitable services for humanitarian projects and initiatives.

Abdulkarim Ja’afar AlHassan said that the mission of the delegation included visits to the UAE embassies in Uganda and Tanzania to acquaint them with the achievements of Dar Al Ber Society in the two countries.

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