“Dar Alber” forms an emergency committee to support the state’s efforts to face the current situation

The board of directors of the Dar Alber Society "remotely"

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

The board of directors of Dar Alber held “remotely”  its second meeting during the current year 2020, through modern technologies of the Society responding to the calls and directions of our wise leadership to suggest all preventive measures to limit the spread of novel Corona Virus(COVID 19)  in the possibility of working at any time and from anywhere, confirming the readiness of the charitable and humanitarian institutions in the UAE to deal with all emergencies urgently.

The meeting, chaired by Eng. Khalfan Khalifa Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Dar Alber”, reviewed the results of the meetings of the Emergency and Crisis Committee, which was recently set up by the Society, in light of the current situation, to enhance the continuity of its work and ensure the provision of services to the needy, charitable, benevolent, and various sectors.

The meeting dealt with the committee established holding six of “remote” meetings, during the preventive and precautionary measures, to ensure the functioning of the Society and provide its services to the people in the current exceptional circumstances. Muhammad Suhail al-Muhairi, chairman of the committee, said that it is about to launch a package of charitable, humanitarian and development initiatives during the next stage, expressing  the Society’s thank and appreciation to the donors for their cooperation and rapid response in providing the meals for the workers category, and donating to provide laptops for students, to ensure the continuous of receiving their education.

Before the Council, the Committee presented the summary of six major meetings it held during the last period and a set of decisions and recommendations aimed at facilitating the reception of donations “remotely”.

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