DFWAC launched remote judicial services for victims of abuse

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sallam Sallam

Her Excellency Shaikha Al Mansouri, Acting Director General of The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC), has announced the establishment of a teletrials room to serve victims of violence and human trafficking in the foundation, in line with the directives of the Wise Leadership to achieve comprehensive digital transformation in all services, and in line with the government’s precautionary measures to deal with the Corona virus pandemic.

She added that the room is equipped with all the technical equipment necessary to hold judicial hearings in accordance with the standards adopted by the legal and judicial authorities in The Emirate of Dubai.

Al Mansouri pointed out that the number of cases that benefited from legal services in the Foundation during the past year 2019 reached 102 cases of victims of violence.

She pointed out the importance of establishing a teletrials chamber to maintain the safety of cases during court sessions and investigations conducted by legal and judicial authorities such as the police and prosecutors remotely, without the need for the client to go to those entities, which is an important advantage, especially since most cases in the Foundation are women and children.

Al Mansouri stressed that the teletrials mechanism varies according to the entities and programs used, but in general if any judicial body wishes to investigate one of the victims who is present in the shelter of DFWAC, the authority sends a link to the Foundation to be opened at the time of the investigation remotely, where the image of the victim and the image of the representative of the investigating authority appears live and directly on the screen, and can display any files or attachments, and the session is kept in the electronic records.

She added that the foundation provides its legal services for its client within an integrated system of social, psychological, health and educational services in addition to recreational activities and services, where the department works to establish activities and activities oriented to the development of personal, social, professional and life aspects inside and outside DFWAC, in addition to vocational training programs and rehabilitation for the labor market.

Al Mansouri called on the public not to hesitate to contact the Foundation through the free helpline 800111, either for assistance or family counselling, as well as to report any cases of violence or abuse.

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