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KuwaitBC Calls upon Fine Art and Handicraft Kuwaiti Talents to Participate in “World Art Dubai”

As part of its role as a supporting partner of the event taking place on 3 - 6 April in Dubai

Dubai UAE 

Sallam Sallam

: The Kuwait Business Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates (KuwaitBC) called upon Kuwaiti fine art and handicraft talents and stakeholders to participate in the fifth edition of “World Art Dubai”, the world’s largest art exhibition in the region, on 3 – 6 April at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

On this occasion, Luma Bourisly, chairwoman of KuwaitBC, affirmed that the State of Kuwait is teeming with creative talents and supporters of art in all its forms, and this opportunity will contribute to highlight the creativity and arts of Kuwaiti talents and invest them in a way that benefits their creators, especially since this international event does not only offer exhibition opportunities, but also is a market that encompasses 4,000 original artworks from more than 30 countries around the world. “Through the participation of KuwaitBC in this event as a supporting partner, we seek to create an added value through a range of logistic facilitations, and media as well as marketing support for Kuwaiti participants, whether they are individuals or businesses,” she added.

World Art Dubai is one of the international events that Dubai hosts annually, aiming to create a platform that gathers creators of artworks and fine arts from around the world, to exhibit their works at competitive rates, making them affordable to the public and tailored to all tastes. The exhibition is a market that showcases a wide array of artworks including calligraphy, paintings, photographs, sculptures and handicrafts, as well as interior design, architecture, decoration, knitting, and other artistic creations. In addition, a series of workshops and sessions specialised in the various fields of fine arts will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition, with the participation of international artists who will present their experiences to an audience of art connoisseurs. The exhibition is a unique event bringing together art, education, and entertainment, where a stunning collection of thousands of modern and contemporary artworks is displayed.

It should be noted that KuwaitBC has recently signed a cooperation agreement with World Art Dubai, which is organised by the Dubai World Trade Centre as a supporting partner at the exhibition events. Under this agreement, KuwaitBC will contribute to attracting talents and stakeholders in the field of fine arts and handicrafts from Kuwait through its official website: www.kuwaitbc.ae . KuwaitBC will also participate in a number of joint events and workshops in parallel to the exhibition, with a significant Kuwaiti participation.

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