NADIA Global’s Salary Survey 2019 Predicts 3.5 Per Cent Salary Increase

UAE at Forefront of Regional Workplace Evolution in Light of Digital Transformation

Dubai, UAE 

Sallam Sallam 

NADIA Global, the leading recruitment and training provider in the region announced its annual GCC Salary Report 2018 – 2019 predicting salary rises of between 3.5 and five per cent whilst inflation stands at four per cent. The UAE’s growing reputation through strong government initiatives as a tolerant, multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan location will result in a continued influx of talent from abroad at all levels leading to a rise in the average country residency rate of 8-10 years for 25-50 year olds. Staff turnover was down from 11 to 8 per cent with many employers starting to realise the value in building loyalty from staff due, in part, to new government initiatives. New visas for job seekers and retirees and property ownership initiatives are encouraging residents to commit to a longer stay in Dubai offering more permanency and stability

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