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Strong Qatari participation at Fakhr Al Ajyal Falconry Championship – GCC categor

Competition saw strong participation from Qatar

Falconers from Qatar, KSA and Kuwait excelled on Day 1 races


Sallam Sallam

The GCC Category of Fakhr Al Ajyal (Pride of Generations) Falconry Championship, organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC), on Monday at Dubai’s Al Ruwayyah desert area, welcomed a large number of Qatari participants alongside falconers from the GCC countries.

A record number of elite falconers from the region participated in the various races for Farkh and Jirnas falcons. A total of 12 races were held on February 15 of the two-day falconry racing for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

Mr. Rashid Al Khasouni, Deputy Director of HHC Championships Department, welcomed the falconers from the State of Qatar for their presence and greeted all participating falconers from

GCC states. “The participation of Qatar this season is a testament to the strong bond among Arab brothers and this is why we are very keen in holding the Fazza Championships for Falconry – GCC category every year. This season, despite the challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, we have worked hard to hold Fakhr Al Ajyal for GCC countries – and the UAE has always been a great host to the sport loved by all in the land of peace and coexistence.


Saudi national Falah bin Abdullah Al-Dossary grabbed first place in the main round of Pure Jeer Farkh, with his bird ‘Mutreb’ with a time of 17.663 seconds. Bahrain team came second at 17.836 seconds, followed by Bargash Bin Muhammad Al-Mansouri from Saudi in third place in a time of 17,930 seconds

Kuwaiti Saad Allam Al-Kandari’s falcon won the Jirnas main race in 17.140 seconds, followed by Saudi’s Bargash bin Muhammad Al-Mansouri in second and third places at 17.201 and 17380 seconds respectively.

Kuwaiti Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al-Suwaidi won the Garmousha race (17.781 seconds), followed by Omani Salim bin Humaid Al-Zari (17.756 seconds), then Bahrain team (18.059 seconds).

Qatari Ahmed Ali Al-Sulaiti won the main race for Garmousha Jirnas (17.296 seconds), followed by Saudi’s Amin bin Abdullah Al Mallah (17.414 seconds), and Qatari Abdullah Saeed Al-Marri in third place (17.599 seconds).

Qatari Mohammad Yusef Al-Mannai won Farkh race open category (18.389 seconds) while another Qatari falconer, Mohammed Madi Al-Hajri, grabbed first place in the Jirnas open race (18.109 seconds)

Strong delegation from Qatar

Falconers from Qatar registered a good number of participants. Khalifa Nasser Al Maeeni said he is very happy with the warm atmosphere among the participants. He added: “We have a big group from Qatar, with a good number of falcons, up to 60 – 70 birds, and around 30 falconers.”

His compatriot, Mubarak Al-Hajri, added: “The organising and procedures during the competition were very impressive, especially in light of the implementing safety measures against the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Muhammad Yusef Al-Mannai also noticed the high level of competition and praised the message of fraternal heritage festival that is full of hope.

Constant Kuwaiti presence

Kuwaiti falconer Fawaz Falah Al-Noun confirmed his keenness to participate constantly in the championship competitions, and said: “For many years I have been here annually, and falconers from Kuwait also accompany me, and everyone feels comfortable. The competition this year is more intense.”

Promising Omani falconer

Omani Hazza Sultan Al-Zuraikhi emerged as one of the youngest falconers participating at the 18 years old. He said: “This is my first participation for the year, and I thank everyone who supported me in this heritage sport that I grew up with it.”

Prominent Saudi presence

The Saudi presence was prominent. Abdullah Al-Mutairi stressed that everyone in the Kingdom was keen to be present in the event, given the importance of the Fazza Falconry Championships. “The organizing committee facilitated the participation process to the farthest borders, and cooperation with us and they received support from all aspects to be present in this beautiful fraternal assembly,” he added.

Another Saudi falconer, Abdullah Mubarak Al-Buainain, said: “We thank everyone who supported us to attend, participate and compete here. This tournament is wonderful in all its details and every year we look forward to being in it. This year, I’m participating with about 10 birds and I always strive to be among the best.

Falconers from Bahrain

Falconers from Bahrain also registered strong participation. Bahraini Faisal Al-Ajami said: “Things are good in this tournament since its inception – all are brothers – and I feel that I am in my second home country; I am not a stranger at all.”

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