“Toward a healthy lifestyle” radio programme seeks to correct health myths and misconceptions, says HPD


Sallam Sallam

The radio programme “Toward a healthy lifestyle”, which was launched by the Health Promotion Department, HPD, continues to throw light on the most important health aspects by hosting and interviewing an elite of doctors, health specialists, and health educators.

The programme, which is broadcast live on Sharjah Radio at 11 am and replayed at 5 pm, aims to raise the health awareness of community members and correct health myths and misconceptions.

The “Toward a healthy lifestyle” programme will be running until 1 October on weekdays. The coming episodes will shed light on important health issues, including osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, lymphoma, gestational diabetes, ear infection in children and ways of prevention, food safety, and food shopping safety guidelines.

The programme is presented by Zainab Al-Sajwani, Acting Head of Communications and Outreach Department and Director of Partnerships and Public Relations Division, and Amna Al Naqbi, Director of the Health Information Division, HPD. The audience can call the phone number 60055 1688 or send an SMS on 6688 to leave their questions and inquiries.

Further engagement and communication

HE Iman Rashid Saif, Director of the HPD, said: “Through the launch of “Toward a healthy lifestyle” programme, we seek to find innovative methods to deliver our awareness messages and to deepen our relationships with the largest segment of community members through the direct communication.”

She pointed to the importance of the programme in enhancing public health and preventing diseases, adding that the “Toward a healthy lifestyle” programme would help boost health knowledge and information among the individuals, guide them to rationalize their behaviours at the individual and collective levels, and encourage them to obtain proper health consultations and tips.

The HPD Director concluded that the health misconceptions and myths, which have been circulated during Covid-19 pandemic, have promoted the Department to launch this show in order to deliver proper health information and consolidate health and preventive guidelines for all family members, so as to become a daily behavior and a permanent lifestyle to avoid diseases, including coronavirus.

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