Federal Tax Authority urges all businesses registered in the tax system to use its official channels and not respond to electronic messages that could be fraudulent

Registrants advised to keep their data confidential to avoid risk of financial abuse

 Abu Dhabi UAE

Sallam Sallam

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has called on all businesses registered in the tax system to maintain the confidentiality of their information to avoid the risk of fraud. 

Urging vigilance and caution, the Authority warned that it is imperative that businesses do not disclose to any third party their private financial or accounting information, in order to avoid exposure to financial fraud that has become a global phenomenon. It added that preventing financial abuse requires the cooperation of all parties of financial transactions, especially customers.

The Authority confirmed that all its communications with registrants in the tax system is made exclusively through its official channels, stressing that it follows the highest standards of security and confidentiality in dealing with registrants’ data. It reiterated that it does not send links to registrants in the tax system requesting data or financial information or accounting, as it has also highlighted in previous statements.

The authority warned against responding to electronic messagespurporting to come from the authority but which are received outside its official channels, as these are often ‘phishing’attempts to try and obtain secure customer information to perpetrate a fraud. It reminded that it deals directly with registrants in its tax system to ensure accuracy and confidentiality of data and that this information not accessible through electronic links or by any other means that could be subject to electronic piracy.

The FTA pointed out that its financial dealings in general are in line with the UAE’s advanced digital and technological infrastructure, which is one of the essential elements for the continuous development of the financial sector. It pointed out that the Authority strives constantly to apply the best standards in all activities and services it provides to its customers, with itsdirect electronic payment methods prioritising safety and security at all times.

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