Half a million dirhams from “Dar Al Ber” for insolvent students from Al Wasl University

Within the framework of the Society's support to the education sector

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

Dar Alber Society has offered support for Al Wasl University in Dubai, with a value of half a million dirhams, directed to the University’s Student Fund Assistance Program, which provides social assistance, benefiting a number of male and female university students , who face difficult social and material conditions.

   The delivery of the value of the donation was attended by Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Head of the Social Work Sector in “Dar Al Ber”, Dr. Hisham Ahmed Al-Zahrani, deputy head of the sector, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman, president of Al Wasl University, and Dr. Abdel-Rahman Hafez Addin, vice president of the University for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and a number of officials and employees from both sides.

   Muhammad Suhail al-Muhairi, head of the social service sector in Dar Al Ber, stressed that the Society attaches the education sector a special importance, in light of the role of science and education in pushing the march of development and sustainability, strides forward, advancing peoples and states, preserving the national achievements and cultural gains and achieving more of them.

   Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman, president of Al Wasl University, thanked sincerely Dar Al Ber Society, noting that this donation represents a generous gesture from the Society, expressing the University’s aspiration for more cooperation and joint work between the two sides, within the framework of various other programs.

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