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Iranian model Rayan Baghdadi featured in top magazines in UAE

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

We chose to interview a top model, living in Dubai, to find out more about his journey in modeling and to have him as a role model as well for the ones that are a bit lost and don’t know how and where to start in this career

Rayan Baghdadi has a very big and powerful portfolio and I don’t think there is agency, brand or designer not to have worked with him during these years

?Hi Rayan! You have just arrived from a very important shoot right now. Can you tell us what is it for
-Hello, thanks for waiting for me, I know I was a bit late. Yes, it’s a very big project, but I can’t really speak about it yet. You’ll find out very soon and you’ll remember this moment

Very mysterious man! Alright, I do understand! You have your contracts and you can’t say much yet. But what I would like to know is how a very simple, modest person, living in Iran, made it to Dubai and mostly, got huge

?jobs with Dolce & Gabbana, Mercedes, Cartier, Ted Baker, Michael Cinco and so
-You are right, I was quite a humble man before, I am still, minding my own business, playing basketball in the National Team, until all my dreams of being a successful basketball player got killed by a very bad injury. That day I knew my life isn’t gonna be the same anymore and I have to find something else as a passion. Something I could love doing all my life. And this is how modeling became part of me
Moving to Dubai and doing everything I have done was all part of my goals. I knew I am gonna make it. It was only a matter of time

?I know that you had a very important campaign with Mercedes not long ago, how was it

I actually had couple of campaigns with Mercedes, my face is still being used until today. But I believe one of the biggest campaigns happened in 2017 and that was the campaign showed in all GCC. I am proud to be the chosen one and it was such an incredible experience. I loved working with every single member of the team

Not to forget how passionate I am about cars. It was like a dream job
That is fantastic! Oh, I really wanted to tell you, that I went to pay my phone bills and I saw your face on those

!Etisalat machines! You are literally everywhere

-Now you make me blush! And it’s not because I am getting intimidated or shy, no, it’s simply because I know how I had this vision of myself being “everywhere” and that already happened and

!I know the future will bring more of it! But thank you

Rayan, was it hard to do this transition from Iran to Dubai? I believe in Tehran you used to work with local brands, designers, however when you arrived in Dubai you had so many international offers already. Brands loved your face. You brough something very masculine to the young market in Dubai; talking about models here
⁃ It’s good you mentioned it, because I wanted to say that. Dubai has amazing models and I am glad to be part of the team. Now, to answer your question, it wasn’t the easiest change I have done in my life, but it was the most beneficial let’s say. It’s always hard when you decide to leave your family and friends behind and start from the bottom. In life you need to take risks and be open to changes, that’s what I have done. Working with Dolce & Gabbana wouldn’t have been possible if I would have stayed in Tehran, that’s for sure

I always admired your positivity and your courage to take risks and stay committed regardless. Well done, Rayan! I would like to ask you one more question. What is your favorite feature and in which magazine? I know it’s a tricky one but I am just curios to know

 You want to catch me off guard, but I will be honest. Vogue Arabia is definitely my favorite one and it doesn’t need much elaboration around it, you already know. It’s the magazine everyone

!dreams about being in it. My dream came true couple of times

Thank you so much for always being honest and inspiring. I am sure the very young models are looking up to you! Wish you all the success

!The pleasure is always mine

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