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The Saudi German Ajman and Sharjah provides the Corona vaccine for free


Sallam Sallam 

In collaboration and as per the direction of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Saudi German Hospitals in Sharjah and Ajman branches will provide and administer COVID vaccine to the people in the community free of charge.  Dr. Reem Osman – Group CEO of the Saudi German Hospitals Group – UAE, confirmed that the vaccine against “Covid-19” is available at the hospital.

Dr. Reem briefed ‘anyone above 18 years and who wants to get the vaccination can go directly to the emergency department of the Saudi German Hospitals, Sharjah, and Ajman, without prior appointment, and they need to present only the Emirates ID to receive the vaccine’

Dr. Reem Osman said that the health sector in the United Arab Emirates is one of the best in the world developed in line with world class standards under the visionary leadership and one of the few countries in the world that have dealt with unparalleled distinction managed the corona virus epidemic. ‘

She indicated that the UAE’s provision of the Coronavirus vaccine comes within the framework of the directives of the wise leadership, by providing all the elements that ensure its health and safety for society in the face of the epidemic that has swept the world over the past months, and to accelerate the implementation of the necessary measures in this regard.

The Group CEO of the Saudi German Hospitals Group appreciated the UAE for the fruitful cooperation between the public and private sectors, to enhance community service by providing the “Covid-19” vaccine to the public, which would provide a great opportunity for the largest number of community members to benefit from the vaccine very easily, in order to preserve the public safety of everyone who lives on the good land of this country.

She concluded by saying: “There is no doubt that the health sector in the country has provided all medical facilities, and the strategic stock of medicine, and the provision of the vaccine is an affirmation of the UAE’s exceptionalism in containing the threat of the Coronavirus and protecting its health of the people in the country’.

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