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Women of the U.A.E


The U.A.E is ranked as a leading country in gender equality in the Gulf region, according to the World Economic Fourm’s 2016 Global Gender Gap report. This achievement comes from the fundamental belief that women and men are equal partners in society. Through a series of public and private initiatives women are playing an increasingly role in business, military and government

Gender equality of paramount importance in the UAE guarantes equal rights for both sexes. Under the  constitution women enjoy the same legal status , claim to titles, access to education , the right to practice professions, and the right to own and inherit property

Women of the UAE are living their golden Age. This assumption is based upon the government’s declaration that “The empowerment of women is fundamental for our development as a modern and progressive society”

Women enjoy tremendous support from leadership .The historical resolution of Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed to give women half of the quota of the National Council meant that 20 women will be representing women of the UAE in the Federal National Council which consist of 40 members

 Women through the ages

Traditionally , women have always been the backbone of family and social structure of the UAE

With the ongoing evolution and the dynamic modernization process over the last decades, the government’s strategic vision for women is based on providing them with tools to achieve professional excellence. The government is working to make all careers tracks open to them should they choose to pursue them. The government understands that it is a national imperative for women to contribute to the development process

Women Empowerment

1- In 2006 a new law gave women the right to vote and take part in the Federal National Council. Public office shall be open to all citizens on a basis of equality and justice

2- In 2007 they made 22% of the FNC

3- Because of government support and empowerment they will make 50% in 2019 

4- Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, the first woman to win a seat on the FNC, was also the first woman to chair the FNC

5- In order to ensure fair representation , the Government appointed women to the FNC

6- Today UAE women parliamentarians are active to council meetings

Women’s empowerment

The government serious commitment to ensure that women participate in decision –making at the highest level was reinforced in 2008 by increasing the female ministers to four

In economy the contribution today of national women account to 59% of the national labor force compare to 9.6% in 1983 and 33.4% in 2007. This development was not only as a result of substitutional enrolment by women in education but because of the open social attitude towards women’s employment

In some traditional areas , women employees are clearly dominant in both national and expatiate 

The number of professional women in the media has risen sharply

Women are also involved in non-traditional careers. In 2008 the Cabinet approved the appointment of two women ambassadors in Sweden and Spain. The first Emirati  judge and piolet of fighter Jet was also appointed

Recent changes in the UAE’s judiciary law to encompasses women’s legal opportunity rights are in line  with the government ‘s commitment to promote more women to the highest posts in the judiciary

In the field of Arts and Culture women also have begun making rapid and impressive progress. Film , design, music , literature and others cultural initiatives are all open to women’s contribution. According to statistics the UAE has the highest rate of females in higher education in the world. The UN has recognized UAE’s achievement in women’s education. About 75% of all university students are females

The commitment and enthusiasm shown by Emirati women to benefit from these opportunities has complemented the government’s policies on gender empowerment


As women in the UAE are in fact outperforming males at every educational levels, their future is bright. Having made significant progress in all fields , women of the UAE became active participants in every walk of life in the country. The Government support this progress and does not intend to stagnate with regards to its women’s empowerment policies but rather to continue and develop new strategies to help women to carry out their work . Although no formal quota system exists in the UAE in either government or public sector, the UAE leadership believes that positive discrimination towards women is the first step towards equal society

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