Dar Alber: A Day for the Homeland and a stop to study the achievements and Challenges

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

   Dar Alber confirmed that The National Day in the United Arab Emirates is an occasion to stand on the achievements and gains which the state has achieved and has been translated by the emirates people to a living reality during the past stages , and study the challenges and ambitions of the coming stages. It is also a station for each citizen and resident on the good land of Emirates to renew the covenant and allegiance to the homeland and the prudent leadership to continue to work hard in the service of the homeland and its citizens and strive for its advancement and progress.

   Eng. Khalfan Khaleefah Almazrouy , Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: The National Day reflects the joy of the Emiratis with their country and its achievements in many broad sectors, their love for this country and their firm affiliation to it and their loyalty to its leadership and their state. He also assured that the National Day is not mere celebrations, moreover, it is a new covenant and a renewed breakthrough towards a creative and sincere work.

   Khalfan Almazrouy indicated that the celebration scenes of the National Day through the geographical extension of the UAE, provides bright images of the cohesion of the sons of the Emirates and their synergy and coherence around their leadership, like the building blocks . It is a national demand and a fundamental criterion for the continuation of national successes and achievements and the continuity of progress and development.

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