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Comprehensive sterilization of the buildings and facilities of “Dar Alber”

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

The Dar Alber Society has implemented a comprehensive sterilization process for all its buildings and facilities, with its main branch on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. While the process later includes all its branches, centers and offices in Dubai and the other emirates of the country, within the framework of preventive efforts and the precautionary measures undertaken by the UAE, to prevent the spread of  novel Corona virus (Covid 19), preserve the health of citizens and residents and to promote the safety and sustainable development of the country.

    Muhammad Suhail al-Muhairi, Chairman of the Crisis, Emergency and Disaster Committee in “Dar Alber”, which the Society recently established to confront the dangers of the spread of “Corona” and support the state’s efforts in combating the “virus”, stressed that the society sets its sights to protect the health of all its employees, all its customers and auditors to its offices and centers and the beneficiaries of its services, the safety of the UAE society and the preservation of the nation’s achievements and gains, in compliance with our wise leadership directives, and in line with the state’s initiatives and efforts.

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