Dar Al Ber Aids for 374 cases, at a cost of 1,871,946 AED

Ajman UAE

Sallam Sallam

 Dar Al Ber Society branch in Ajman provided humanitarian aid in the first quarter of this year (2020) for 374 cases, with a total of 1,871,946 AED.

Faisal Sahrawi, the society’s branch manager, said: The aid covered 4 main living and service fields, namely housing, education, medical treatment, and electricity bills, along with various other aids, explaining that 190 cases benefited from the society’s help to pay the housing rent, at a cost of 857.933 AED, 112 students benefited from the “education “ aid, with a value of 442,000 AED, and health aid went in favor of treating 31 patients, at a cost of 404,330 dirhams, while the society paid the electricity bills for 3 overdue families, at a cost of 14,500 AED, and the “other aids” included 38 cases, at a cost of 153,183 AED.

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