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Department of eGovernment, Sharjah opts Dell Technologies Solutions to Champion Service Excellence

Department of eGovernment, Sharjah (DeG) opts for Dell Technologies’ advanced cloud, software defined storage and hyper-converged infrastructure with Data Lake.

Modern digital infrastructure enables efficient and streamlined delivery of citizen services while promoting cross-collaboration.

With an increasing volume of data being a critical part of its operations, DeG has strengthened its existing ICT backbone by aligning IT with its business objectives.

Dubai UAE

Sallam Sallam

Department of eGovernment (DeG), the government entity supporting the digital transformation vision in the Emirate of Sharjah, today announced that it has implemented Dell Technologies’ industry leading solutions to enable datacenter transformation and IT modernization. By having a strong ICT backbone in place, DeG aims to accelerate innovation, simplify operations and deliver government services efficiently, as the Emirate advances its digital transformation agenda.

DeG has a responsibility of executing the Government of Sharjah’s digital transformation plans. The implementation of Dell Technologies’ solutions is part of DeG’s wider efforts to enable government entities implement the latest technologies, in order to rationalize services to citizens across Sharjah in partnership with the private and public sectors and thereby enhance the effectiveness of government services and aspire citizens satisfaction on their governmental related services.

In alignment to these efforts, DeG wanted to strengthen its existing IT infrastructure to support smart decision making, strategic planning and speedy allocation of government services across all vital sectors in the Emirate. This included the need to modernize its data center to eliminate unplanned downtime and performance issues.  

By opting Dell Technologies’ solutions, DeG has been able to create a fully integrated, enterprise class architecture and increase the availability and scalability of its mission-critical applications. By modernizing its data center, the department can now consolidate and simplify IT management and operations with a simple interface. The data center will also extend its automation capabilities to DeG via a software defined and cloud-enabled platform.

Dell Technologies also implemented a hyper-converged infrastructure solution, which has enabled DeG to reduce investment costs around data management and maintenance as well as the number of staff required to oversee it. These industry leading solutions will fuel the efforts of DeG to develop new capabilities necessary for adopting a Software Defined Datacenter, which will simplify management of data traffic, storage and workloads, making their business processes more agile.

Customer Quote(s):

H.E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al-Qasimi – Sharjah Department of eGovernment

“Technology is a key pillar of socio-economic transformation as outlined by the UAE Government. DeG is committed to modernizing, automating and transforming our infrastructure to foster innovation and enable efficient delivery of resident services. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a highly advanced, unified ICT platform that would help us achieve service excellence across departments and stakeholders. Our partnership with Dell Technologies accelerates this change with solutions that automate and enhance the way IT operates across all our functions.”

Executive quote:

Fady Richmany, Senior Director and General Manager, UAE – Dell Technologies

“At Dell Technologies, our aim is to help organizations build their digital future and transform their infrastructure. Our core infrastructure and enterprise workload solutions will enable Sharjah DeG to modernize their existing platforms, giving them the agility and speed needed to improve and exceed customer experiences and deliver services faster. We are pleased to have been opted by DeG as its technology partner of choice and look forward to working closely with them to provide disruptive technologies that will advance their digital roadmap.”

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