Updates include Bayan, Khazna, Almas and Bawabatech systems

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Sallam Sallam

The Department of Finance for the Government of Dubai (DOF) is presenting the latest developments in its drive for the smart transformation of government financial systems in Dubai. During its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2020, DOF presents developments related to four of its most vital digital system projects, namely Bayan, Khazna, ALMAS and Bawabatech.

Abdulrahman Saleh Al Saleh, Director General of DOF, said: ” In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we are keen to leverage the latest technology developments to contribute to achieving the goals set out in our strategic plan 2021: stakeholders happiness, enhanced financial stability and economic growth stimulation, in addition to ensuring the continuity of the government’s financial efficiency.”


At GITEX, DOF is displaying the developments in its system Bayan, which aims to develop financial analysis processes and allows tracking reports and charts, in order to contribute to supporting government financial decision-making. The system contributes to achieving financial sustainability and balanced management of public funds, as a result of improving operations, upgrading procedures and following best practices in the financial sector.

Bayan system enables government entities of Dubai to follow up their budget affairs easily and smoothly,” said Aref Abdulrahman Ahli, Executive Director of Planning and General Budget Sector at DOF. “The innovative dashboard allows DOF, in return, to have a clearer insight into the financial reports and budget data from multiple angles. Relevant government officials will be able to immediately access data related to the budgets of their entities, which would enable them to make informed decisions.”


DOF also showcasing the treasury system project Khazna, which is a platform for automating the processes of cash flow requests and transferring them to government entities. The platform presents the payments of loans, sukuk and current cash obligations to the government.

Jamal Hamed Al Marri, Executive Director of the Central Accounts Sector, said that Khazna system is guaranteed to contribute to raising the efficiency of public money management, strengthening control over the implementation of the budget and enlightening government monetary decision-making.

“DOF manages more than 400 government bank accounts in 13 banks in coordination with 130 government entities. We have created Khazna system to enable the forecast of cashflows of expenditures and revenues based on previous years’ data, and stand on the status of bank reconciliations with a review of the last summary of settlements approved for all banking accounts,” Al Marri added.


During GITEX, where DOF is participating under the Smart Dubai umbrella, DOF has announced the continuation of phase II rollout of Dubai Government Services Costing project. Called ALMAS, the project aims at enhancing transparency and improving the accuracy of government service costing in order to contribute to the Dubai Plan 2021, by following the highest standards of fiscal sustainability and development of government resources.


DOF is also presenting the Bawabatech portal, a gateway to automate requisition of services and technical support. This system comes within the framework of the Dubai Paperless Strategy and it helps in speeding up internal procedures. Through Bawabatech, requests can be submitted for 124 services, including 13 external services, while the internal services, numbering 111, are distributed among human resources, communication & media, administrative services, systems support services and technical support services.

“We commend the broad and tangible transformation in internal operations, as DOF has succeeded, within the Dubai Paperless Strategy, in reducing the consumption of paper by more than 90 percent, especially in internal operations. In response to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, we feel proud to be at the forefront of government entities in making Dubai Paperless Strategy a success and we look forward to 12/12/2021, the date set by His Highness as the deadline to achieve the 100 percent paperless government goal of this strategy,” said Huda Hamdan Al Shaikh, Executive Director of Corporate Services Sector at DOF.

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