MBF Allocates 9% of its Capitals to soon Invest in Retails Sector

Dubai .UAE

Sallam Mohamed

In the first quarter of 2019, the MBF Group Holdings is preparing for its initial investment dealing in retail sales sector. By next February, the first world MBF branding is expected to promote in the hub. The retail sales proposal as led consecutively by the MBF is to announce its fourth gamble of investment after the sectors of education, health and properties

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, the entrepreneur of the national Group Holdings has co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mr./ Gabi Habib the General Manager of GMH. The cooperation is intended to provide consultation services in areas of retail sales along with potential appropriate opportunities to carry out within the next 4 months

In a press interview, His Highness Sheikh Al-Qassimi said “ 9% of the capital shall exclusively be allotted in these vital sectors, taking into the account that, the Group is vying to promote its products (online), notwithstanding that this modern hot line fashion is widely used across nations”

His Highness explained that “ statistics reports estimated that online sales promotion is highly-notched lucrative idea with a percentage up to 70% comparable to the traditional methods, furthermore, the same could achieve a reasonable marginal profit, therefore, since the automated marketing is an effective channel of communication amongst nations, we opt to use these latest concepts “

His Highness revealed that the Group is interested to make several partnerships with world leading corporations that actively reputed in areas of retail sales across the UAE, emphasized that various cooperation agreements shall be concluded with such companies and we keen to participate in exhibitions inside and outside UAE

On the other hand, His Highness Al-Qassimi assured that the retail sales sector has recently witnessed a significant change, namely, commercial activities concept is being upgraded to transact via websites and internets and from this turning-point worldwide the Group took this initiative to offering reputable trade tags to the interests and tastes of people with limited and high incomes alike

From his part, Gabi Habib, the General Manager of the GMH said that “ the company updates necessary studies about how stepping into sectors of retail sales and adoption of promoting distributions “online” along with understanding consumers’ behaviors and the challengeable trademarks as desired by the national Group Holdings to offering“

Habib revealed that the studies given by the company are also interrelated to business, powers of purchasing and categories of people who may afford to buy the MBF products, reiterating that electronic-marketing growth averagely burgeoning every year by 220% globally, expressing that the electronic-sales rate abundantly overcomes 50% of the electronic shopping at the level of the GCCs

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