Ministry of Health & Prevention’s Youth Council Organizes “Ramadan Zaman” Initiative for Elderly Emiratis in Sharjah

Sharjah UAE

Sallam Sallam

As part of its Ramadan initiatives and in conjunction with the Year of Tolerance, the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s Youth Council (MoHAP’s Youth Council) organized, on Thursday evening, a Ramadan night under the theme “Ramadan Zaman” at the Old People’s Home, Sharjah.

The initiative included enormous activities and events, among which, Ramadan iftar with elderly people and MoHAP employees, recreational activities and shows, and some traditional games and activities.

In this context, Dr. Rashid Al Hashimi, Member of the Youth Council, said: “We are always keen on enhancing the noble values of our society through the constant communication with elderly people to listen to their stories and advice. Through these initiatives, we also aim at consolidating our values, customs, and traditions in terms of respecting elderly people and returning the favor of their contributions in building our homeland. The initiative also is aligned with the objectives of the National Policy for Senior Emiratis which aims to provide an integrated system ensuring decent life for the old people.

While Rawan Al Ali, Member of the Youth Council, said: “MoHAP has several initiatives for the old people, including the provision of home care and conducting field visits for them in different areas, noting that the Holy Month of Ramadan is characterized by charity deeds and social communication.”

This makes the humanitarian visits and initiatives achieving their goals since the arrangements of this night and its accompanying activities stem from the enhancement of the social cooperation among members of the society and consolidation of solidarity notion.    

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