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12th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival introduces kids to gaming technology basics through STEM

The Machinery Design workshop at SCRF 2021 is offering children the unique opportunity to build their own game

Sharjah, UAE

Sallam Sallam

Opening up possibilities for children to explore and enhance their technological skills, the Machinery Design workshop at the 12th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2021 is focused on teaching kids the applications of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – in gaming technology.

“When they start getting exposed to technology at a younger age, they simultaneously learn how to apply their knowledge of STEM practically, which makes learning fun for them. Activities like this workshop build their confidence in non-traditional fields, which helps them take more informed university and career decisions,” said workshop trainer.

At the Machine Design workshop the trainer will be conducting this entire week, children can learn how to build the Wire Game from scratch, and more importantly, understand the science behind this popular game.

“It’s an opportunity for children to understand what a circuit and closed circuit is, how they can use electronic parts to build something, and most importantly, become the architects of one of their favourite games!” she further explains.

For most young participants, the challenge of creating their very own game proves to be quite engrossing. Another skill they develop at the workshop is learning how to multitask as they follow a step-by-step instruction manual while simultaneously being guided.

“Children usually love it!”, she says adding “it is not something they usually do. Maybe the closest thing to this is building blocks, but even then, in this workshop they are creating something from scratch.”

Themed ‘For Your Imagination,’ the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival runs daily from 4pm – 10pm, and 10am – 8pm on Saturdays, until May 29 in Expo Centre Sharjah. Along with 16 authors from the Arab region, 16 international authors are also taking part in the 11-day extravaganza which has offered young readers the opportunity to participate in 537 activities aimed at enriching imagination and expanding knowledge.

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