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Manzil Healthcare Services partners with LifeSense Group to fight Incontinence

Dubai United Arab Emirates,

Sallam Sallam

ManzilHealthcare Services, the leading digital healthcare service provider in the UAE, has partnered with Netherland-based technology development company LifeSense Group, to provide innovative health solutions to non-invasive rehabilitation of urinary incontinence.

“Denigma Program” for urinary incontinence rehabilitation, developed by LifeSense, combines functional therapies and educational content along with a personalized care approach to provide non-invasive and cheaper solutions for patients while reducing expensive hospital resources.

Manzil Healthcare, in collaboration with LifeSense Group, is looking to provide relief to the patients suffering from incontinence through the wearable technology supported by a personalized APP that effectively monitors, prevents and improves the urine leak problem through its unique combination of elements: a smart underwear, a non-invasive sensor and an app for monitoring and exercising.
In the Denigma Program, Manzil’s physiotherapists and nurses supports women during the rehabilitation process.

Urinary incontinence is a growing health concern among women across the Middle East. According to a recent study, over 40% of women in the UAE and 41% of women in the KSA suffer from this condition.

Dr. Sarper Tanli, Group CEO of Manzil Healthcare Services, said: “We remain committed to providing high quality, technology-enabled, multidisciplinary care to our patients in the comfort of their environment. Our collaboration with LifeSense is a testament to that commitment. We are very positive about this collaborative effort towards providing relief to individuals suffering from urinary incontinence.”

LifeSense Group is a technology development company that designs and creates applications for medical, health and wellbeing. It is transforming innovations into reality with its patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications.

Founded in the UAE as a medicalized home healthcare services, Manzil Healthcare has expanded its reach to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. After strategically invested into disease management and digital health services, Manzil is expected to increase its reach to more people in coming years in the region.

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